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The internationalization group works to promote understanding and collaboration among disciplines, cultures, and people in order to respond more effectively to changes in the foreign environment. The organization requires members to foster international exchange by creating alliances, sending staff abroad for work‐related activities, and inviting international guests.

Why should you join The Green Transition group?

To Embrace Global Unity
The Internationalization Group is dedicated to promoting cross-disciplinary understanding and fostering collaboration across cultures and nations. Our mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the tools to respond effectively to foreign environment changes.
To Build Bridges Across Borders
As members of that group, we encourage international exchange through the creation of alliances, facilitating international work-related activities for our staff, and extending invitations to international guests.
To Expand Your Global Perspective
By becoming a member, you'll engage with diverse cultures, disciplines, and people, which can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the world. This expanded worldview can be invaluable in both your personal and professional life, enabling you to navigate global challenges with confidence and insight.
To Be Aligned with the Global Goals
Our mission is in perfect alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
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Ready to be part of a global community believing in international cooperation? Join The Internationalization Group and contribute to a world where understanding and collaboration know no boundaries.

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