Welcome to the SAAM Network!

The SAAM Network, which marks the future of the largest project between Africa and Europe for VET, begins its testing phase

Today is a very important day in the field of partnership building, project creation and networking between Africa and Europe because we have the honor of presenting the SAAM Network. The SAAM Network is going to be an unprecedented community that breaks the borders between the two continents and that allows a more fluid collaboration between educational centers, project entities and African and European institutions.

The SAAM project, approved in 2019 and which has been testing training mobility and the infinite possibilities of capacity building for Vocational Training between Africa and Europe ever since, has brought to light the benefits of intercontinental collaboration for educational and labor market issues. The Network takes SAAM beyond its partnership, allowing all interested entities the exchange of knowledge, easy networking and the possibility of taking part in new projects that unite both continents. The SAAM Network introduces a new way for users to connect, collaborate, and contribute within four distinct thematic groups for now:

  • Green transition:

The Green transition group focuses on to ensure the implementation of educational actions in the field of TEVT to promote sustainable development in the territories This initiative aims to facilitate idea exchange between all stakeholders, promote support for the professional sector, and raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable development. It also encourages training activities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Inclusion:

The Inclusion Group focuses on developing programs and providing the professional sector with solutions to promote acceptance of diversity so everyone’s needs are met. Our members pledge to cultivate trust, understanding, and inclusivity while raising awareness around the power of diversity.

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  • Digitalisation:

The Digitalisation Group works to identify areas for collaboration with the public and implement digital solutions in our social and professional lives. The group should encourage collaboration between members to promote digital models in TVET and share knowledge through inter‐organisational partnerships.

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  • Internationalisation:

The internationalization group works to promote understanding and collaboration among disciplines, cultures, and people in order to respond more effectively to changes in the foreign environment. The organization requires members to foster international exchange by creating alliances, sending staff abroad for work‐related activities, and inviting international guests.

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The SAAM Network has been developed with the vision of creating an active space that enables conversation and the search of potential collaborators for future projects. Each group allows participants to discuss about the specific topic, to share ideas and documents or even to make public different projects in which partners are needed. The Network is currently in the testing phase, inviting project partners and other professionals to join the platform and contribute to shaping this new and flourishing community. Welcome!


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